About Company::

AIN is fit to be miniaturized optics, measurement equipment, the trend in the semiconductor industry, precision, miniature linear guide, cross roller rotary (linear, gonio) guide, cross roller tables in the manual, alignment, de motorized stage, various measuring equipment the various product line-up ranging from having a one-stop total service system through factory automation FA across specialized equipment.

We will to develop into a global AIN with high quality, reasonable price, based on the unique advanced technology of AIN.

About Product::

Linear reciprocating motion of compact type miniature linear guide, cross roller linear guide, cross roller table in cross roller rotation to the rotary guide, cross roller gonio guide.

All linear motion systems and manual stages, alignment stage, motorised stage of mechatronic systesm, ball screws and other measuring equipment (micrometer head, digital calipers, etc.), processing of special order total line-up configuration.