■ Precision ball screws

ASG series

  • Configuration of fixed side end-journal is standardized, supported side end-joumal is free type and standard travel is set up.
  • Since supported side end-journal is un-finished, it is possible to do additional end maching with your requested thread length.
  • There are C3(Axial play 0), C5(Axial play 5μm or less) available.


■ Rolled ball screws

ARS / ASSR series

  • Standard and resonable price products by rolling formed process.
  • Since fixed and supported side end-journal are unfinished. design flexibility is enlarged.
  • There are Ct7(Axial play 20μm or less), Ct7(Axial play 50μm or less) available.
  • There are also rolled ball screws made of stainless steel (ASSR series) in stock.

pbss.png Precision ball screws serise

ASG0601, ASG0602, ASG0801, ASG0802, ASG1001, ASG1002, ASG1005, ASG1010, ASG1015, ASG1202, ASG1210, ASG1402, ASG1404, ASG1505



rbss.png Rolled ball screws series

ASR0601, ASR0602, ASR0801, ASR0802, ASR1002, ASR1005, ASR1010, ASR1202, ASR1210, ASR1402, ASR1404, ASR1505, ASR1510, ASR1520

Stainless rolled ball screws series

ASSR0601, ASSR0801, ASSR0802,


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